FINALLY got performance up today! getting wonderful performance in-game and it's super nice

turns out i was missing some so-called "hyper-v enlightenments", which are some paravirtualization stuff that's also implemented in the KVM. these allow windows guests to run a LOT faster (and also apparently other guests too that support the flags)

the flags in question are hv_relaxed, hv_vapic, hv_spinlocks and hv_time. i'm not totally sure what each one does or how they work yet, but are a *must have* running windows guests. libvirt supports these once you put them into the XML for your guest and hooh boy does it make a world of difference.


mostly just happy to play warframe with my gf without my game freezing up and the audio taking a dump on me all the time lol

def need to get a wiki going to document all of this stuff into one place tho. info is scattered all over the place and it's taken me weeks to aggregate it all x.x

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