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I find that I use different swear words in conjunction with the severity of the topic at hand

sometimes what my statement needs is a frick, but sometimes it needs a fuck

I don't change swear words for intended audiences hardly ever, but i do for conveying specific feelings relative to the words chosen. a frick carries less weight than a fuck, for instance.

I don't know if I've ever noticed others doing the same

you're reading that right - bed levels are at 95%

(95%) β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β– β–‘

it's that kind of cold RN where you shivver and you can feel the cold rush through you like a wave of chilly energy reflecting through yourself

can we be done with winter yet pleaseeeee

also had the idea i should probably put a wiki up for myself somewhere so i can document the stupid crap i do on the daily lmao

come a long way with kvm/qemu but still have a long way to go for performance with gaming

encountering some weird bottlenecks when the host load starts getting higher. got manual hugepages with THP turned off and ksm turned on, but too sleepy currently to dig into it any further today

that isn't to say that i'm not getting good performance out of it, about 60% i'd say. i'm fairly certain tho i can push it harder than that but i'm just gonna hve to dig into it further

I’ve discovered the real meaning behind this picture. It’s when you wake up after three hours of sleep, but your brain continues to sleep for whole eight hours more.

this is honestly a really crappy card, roughly equal to a GeForce 6800 with double the ram

really wanted to fix it tho. dead technology is sad technology :<

looking at other Quadro cards

why are they so thin? some of the higher end ones have got to sound like freaking jet engines

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