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in the logs it seems to complain about files not existing in /var/lib/mastodon, but the kind of files it seems to be complaining about are attachments?

aahh what is fucked up where

sidekiq seems to be complaining about missing files in /tmp


me: *goes to work once* actually the entire system of fixed workhours is deeply flawed and only results in reduced productivity

not sure *how* it's broken but it seems to be

The most unrealistic part of every jRPG is how none of the ladies who wear thigh highs are ever obsessively readjusting them.

The more I realize that online environments less hostile than Tumblr, twitter and facebook are possible,

the more I get a tendency to simply refuse to interact with people who seem intent on purposely misunderstanding me, irritating me or just not engaging with me on the assumption of good intentions and the desire for mutually enjoyable contact.

& I'm still learning how to treat others like that and checking myself for the harmful behaviors that I have learned on social media.

i'm 80% certain that my server is faster than my desktop and it's one generation older

might have something to do with having 8 physical cores instead of 4

there's a 250 gig hard drive sitting on my tower and idk why i'm not using it

getting the sneaking suspicion tho that it is dead

> "right to work laws"
> means you can be fired easily


also found out earlier that boot and system drives cannot do NTFS dedup, so me installing winserver today was mostly pointless

kinda irked as hell at that. you can dedup, compress AND have multiple drives in a btrfs and that will still boot from GRUB
like what

FFFFFUCK i'm angery

was in the middle of a lotus alert mission in warframe and my host's GPU locked up and the nvidia driver decided to take the whole system with it

including the guest

now it's been half an hour and i gotta restart the whole thing :aru:


clearly it's doing something as the guest time in htop is fluctuating wildly....


>installing windows server 2019
>put in language, input and region preferences
>install administrator password
>proceeds to black screen
now what's it doing

i told my gf today that if i seen her passed out on the floor i would have to, by sapphic law, get down and cuddle her by virtue of being so dang cute

she'll get down there to play with the dog and then text me 3 hours later like "sorry i passed out on the floor again"

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